POLO Fashion Business School

The Polo Fashion School was established in 2004 to provide highly motivated, gifted students exposure to the world of fashion in the hopes that some would pursue career opportunities in the industry. Designed as an after-school course for inner-city teenagers, it allowed participants to explore and learn about this creative industry directly from mentors within Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Team Revolution’s objective is to create the next generation of community leaders and social entrepreneurs. To accomplish this, we are providing self-development programs, community service projects and an empowering educational environment for young people in disadvantaged communities.

The Fellowship Academy engages student candidates in a year long experience involving professional, entrepreneurial and self development workshops, community service trainings, team building activities and hands on special interest courses led by our corporate partners. This program is designed to give the resources and support to young people who want to be social entrepreneurs, community leaders or organizational directors. Each year there is a special learning mission conducted within the academy with our partners: 2004-2007 The Fashion Business School, which was done in conjunction with POLO Ralph Lauren, one of our corporate partners. The students learned both business and creative aspects of the fashion world through an extensive curriculum that includes everything from marketing, advertising and design, strategies to important life skills like punctuality, appropriates and how to follow instructions. Upon the completion of the business school program, students were expected to create a polo shirt/jacket that exemplifies the true meaning and pure essence of Team Revolution. This is a truly awesome program that gives young participants the opportunity to embark on a mission most individuals their age and older will never be fortunate enough to experience.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Created and produced 200 Limited Edition Team Revolution RLX Jackets
  • Ralph Lauren offered me a job due to my final presentation
  • Implemented a photo shoot to market the jacket with the POLO Marketing/PR Team
  • Winning group for jacket design
  • Only person to complete the Fellowship Academy
  • Executed two community service projects a mural and conference
  • Created a social venture called The SWT Life


“Syreeta is a mass of positive energy, enthusiasm and creativity with poise, confidence, motivation and a will to change the world, bit by bit.” Oscar Cohen / Former Executive Director, Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation

“Syreeta is tomorrows hope! She is a sharp shooter and go-getter. Determination and passion are qualities embedded in her DNA. She is your ordinary extraordinary young adult-her goals are very ambitious and with her attitude, will manifest! I can't wait to see what she will grow up to be in the next 5-10 years. In the meantime I will continue to push and challenge Syreeta to stay focused on her goals and to work smarter not harder! Divine Bradley / Founder, Team Revolution