Allow me to reintroduce myself...

Photo by: Lenny S

Photo by: Lenny S


Syreeta Gates is an art collector, culture creator and archivist committed to preserving hip-hop culture. As a collector, Syreeta curates collections that capture the music and movement of hip hop. Her curation extends into building the hip hop movements through creating experiences. Syreeta drives innovation in culture through building strategic connections around hip hop foundations.  This lead to the creation of productions like “Yo Stay Hungry” -- a live culinary competition that bridges hip hop with food and beverage and “Write On! The Legend of Hip-Hop’s Ink Slingers,” a documentary film featuring the never before told story about the writers and journalists that created and shaped the language for hip-hop culture. Gates' archival work includes research for Nelson George's feature documentary, “A Ballerina's Tale” and support for films, including “Finding the Funk” and “The Triptych.”

The founder of The Gates Preserve, Syreeta hopes to solidify the culture of  hip hop as history, leveraging multi-media experiences. Gates was awarded Glamour Magazine's "Top 20 Under 25." She was featured in Forbes magazine. Her work was lauded in Tony Wagner's, “Creating Innovators”  and John Schlimm's book, “Stand Up!: 75 Young Activists Who Rock the World, And How You Can, Too!." Gates was also highlighted in Adam Smiley Poswolsky's “The Quarter-Life Breakthrough: Invent Your Own Path, Find Meaningful Work.”

Syreeta holds a Bachelor’s degree in in Urban Youth Culture from Hunter College and is completing a Master’s degree in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation from New York University. A native New Yorker, Syreeta is based in Queens, New York.