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intlFLYGIRLSday was created by Emotional Justice. It debuted this year on March 9th, and is an annual month long campaign that ends April 9th. For one week during that month girls all over the country are invited to explore, discover, identify their own individual - and collective - fly. Celebrate March 9th as intlFLYGIRLSday.

 Then was a '30 Dayz of Fly' Campaign.  It ended April 9th.

 This 30 day campaign brought together girls to create and achieve 3 goals:-

  • to id their fly - that is
  • discover their power, beauty, brilliance 
  • to create sisterhood from places of power
  • to start and maintain a 'dairy of fly' where each day the girls recorded one fly thing about themselves

Mott Hall Bridges Academy played host to the debut intlFLYGIRLSday. Principal Nadia Lopez held the annual 'She is Me' luncheon and from within that space intlFLYGIRLSday was launched.  




#31forMARISSA created by Esther Armah's Emotional Justice is a national month-long writing campaign for men on the issue of domestic violence and in support of Marissa Alexander, the Florida mother of three who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot to scare off her abusive husband. The campaign goal was to reach a broad audience of men - black, white, brown, yellow, red - in a case that had not received widespread mainstream national attention. 

I Love My Life 

Team Leader


I Love My Life Campaign

Engages young people in finding new ways to end old problems. In response to some of the violent acts among young people within NYC LIFE built a marketing/branding movement of young people. These young people are a vehicle for social change. The I Love My LIFE Tour uses diverse tools to get youth engaged and motivated to Love their LIFE and Bring an End to Senseless Violence! Below are the organizations we bring to help our vehicle run.

 Tangible Outcomes

  • Partnered with over 10 non-profit organizations
  • Spoke with over 10,000 young people across New York City
  • Coordinated over 5 Events with over 3000 total in attendance
  • Received major media coverage by NYC’s Hot 97, Power 105.1 and KISS FM

Fresh 2 Life & Spring 2 Life


Fresh 2 Life

Re-defines the popular term of being “Fresh 2 Def” meaning fashionable and spins it on its head. The Fresh 2 Life campaign’s goal was to get young people tested for HIV by using what they were interested in such as open mic’s, mural programs and the arts to be the bridge. We wanted to provide the importance of having a healthy lifestyle while still being in tune with youth culture.

Spring 2 Life

This campaign used photography and the arts specifically poetry to inspire young people to choose to participate in positive, healthy choices. These topics ranged from healthy relationships to STD awareness.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Implemented a Team Service Project
  • Lead a Presentation of Learning Talk
  • Built relationships with community businesses and received donations worth over $1000 in donations for Project Reach Youth
  • Created newsletters for parents, flyers for young people to engage in the after school programming
  • Executed several Career Day’s
  • Implemented a mural program with PRY’s teen center
  • Got over 500 young people tested for HIV
  • Won Glamour Magazine Top 20 Under 25 in 2010